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Every school day, almost 7,000 students become dropouts. As a result, over their lifetimes it will cost our nation $309 billion in lost wages, taxes, and productivity. The primary reasons surrounding the high student dropout rate is their inability to read, write, comprehend and communicate effectively.

Youth who experience academic difficulties, for whatever reason, face an enormous challenge to overcome educational, social and career success. If there are no interventions these dropout rates will continue to soar. There is an overwhelming need to provide alternative learning programs to students.

The AFC Calling Card for Success © (CCFS) program is an alternative learning program that fits all who aspire to become successful academically and socially. The essential pillars of the CCFS Program are Educational Enrichment, Life Skills Exposure, and Career Development. Working together, these pillars enhance academic, social growth and career aspirations to achieve positive life outcomes.

The Alternatives for Crime
Calling Card for Success © " Program, CCFS focuses on:

           developing a positive self-image;
    •     promoting self-confidence and self-sufficiency;
    •       enhancing educational skills to graduate successfully; and
    •     providing readiness skills to compete in today’s workforce.

Pillars of Success Descriptions

Educational Enrichment: Provides active individual learning options to take place through:

Fulltime online and blended  programs; AP, remediation and credit recovery courses; personalized educational summative, formative and adaptive assessments for total student engagement; individual learning and lesson plans; correlated curriculums that are aligned to state and national standards; tests and reports to ensure that learning and benchmark goals are met; storing data for reporting to assure that students are within Lexile and Quantile national norms or above; 6 world-language courses needed to become college and career ready and  automated tracking system for reporting individual and aggregated data.

Life Skills Exposure: Provides learning lessons, skills and techniques needed to achieve individual success through:  

Listening & communication skills; multi-tasking; anger management; goal setting and mentoring

Career Development: Enables students to understand the correlation of lessons learned to entering job markets of tomorrow by utilizing well-known online curriculums to:

Understand technique for interviewing; resume writing; finding career direction; acquire job readiness skills; learn career advancement strategies and obtain employment through internship.

AFC cultivates a positive attitude toward learning and achieving. The AFC philosophy is "failure is not an option.

"Success doesn't come to go to it" - Marva Collins

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