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Alternatives for Crime Scholarship Foundation, Inc. collaborating with the following companies utilizing the Calling Card for Success program to provide an array of alternative solutions for today’s student to obtain educational, social, and complete career success.


K12, Inc. operates virtual school programs in 28 states, D.C., and 36 countries. K12 works to solve problems for our district and school partners. K12’s flexible online curriculum and comprehensive services and support is being used in many ways and places to make effective, differentiated learning happen for public and private school partners. We partner with K12, Inc. to offer a continuum of options ranging from online courses, to hybrid classroom/online programs, to full-time online schooling programs.

We enable a diverse group of children to achieve mastery through a combination of individualized learning approaches, passionate teacher engagement, adherence to the best educational research that has been conducted over the past several decades about how young minds really work, and rich, engaging content.

K12, inc.  reaches students through a number of channels including:

•   individual course and product sales directly to families or schools

•   in public schools across the country which are engaged in bringing individualized learning approaches into the traditional classroom.




American Education Corporation (AEC), part of the K¹² family of companies, provides research-based, core curriculum instructional software for kindergarten through adult learners. Our courseware is currently in use in over 15,000 public and private K–12 schools, charter schools, colleges, and correctional institutions, centers of adult literacy, military education programs, and after-school learning centers.

The A+LS courseware contains over 5,500 lessons and over 200,000 content pages of research and objective-based, problem-solving courseware — plus assessment, alignment and curriculum management tools. Currently, over 75 A+LScourseware titles have Lexile measures, allowing a reader (with a known Lexile measure) to be matched to the appropriate lesson content.

The assessment tools for the A+LS are integral to the management system. Educators can create placement tests within the curriculum based on any national or state learning objective.

The A+nyWhere Learning System can be delivered to any student any time via the Internet.

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A+LearningLink is a valid and reliable formative assessment that measures a student’s existing knowledge, comprehension, and mastery of basic skills in reading and mathematics for grades one through eight. The tests and results are calibrated to The Lexile Framework® for Reading and The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics and are aligned to state standards and objectives.

Teachers can place their students in the appropriate reading and math instructional materials and forecast how a student will perform on Lexile®- or Quantile®-aligned tests. Interventions can then be prescribed and tailored to each student’s ability and needs. Educators who use the A+nyWhere Learning System® can automatically make prescriptions from an A+ LearningLink assessment. This allows educators to accurately track progress throughout the year.

Teachers and administrators have research-based formative assessments and instructional courseware in one integrated system that reports on one common scale. Placement, prediction, prescription and progress is now simple and meaningful.







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SkillBott is a comprehensive, standards based curriculum, delivered online, that teaches students the critical soft skills or 21st Century Skills they will need to obtain employment and build a successful career. Your students will learn how to:

•   Communicate with peers and supervisors

•   Act and behave in a workplace setting

•   Search for a job and prepare for the interview  

•   Improve workplace performance

•   Identify and develop professional skills for future success


The goal of SkillBott is to give students the ability to create, communicate, collaborate, analyze and problem-solve in any workplace environment.


freeming.pngFREE MIND TV - Free Mind TV is a full service media agency specializing in video production.  Our media literacy program educates youth about the impacts of media on their behavior and attitudes.  We teach students how to improve images in the media through production. 

Throughout our program, young people will learn all aspects of production, careers in production and how to produce a high-quality positive video project.



HELP ALERT® by RFTechnologies

Help Alert® staff duress from RF Technologies is a wireless panic button solution that puts immediate help within reach. With Help Alert, districts and schools can help protect their staff and students by summoning help with just the push of a mobile or fixed button. The alert can be programmed to be sent to building and/or district administration, SROs, and law enforcement.