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Alternatives for Crime Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (AFC) is committed to improving the educational, social and career opportunities for students wanting to achieve success.  The mission of AFC is to utilize a skillful staff to empower aspiring youth to become successful adults by providing alternative solutions. 

Leveraging key pillars of our signature program "Calling Card for Success© ", AFC provides professional guidance, on-line education, tutoring, mentoring, and unique alternative education solutions for students to achieve critical educational, life skills and career goals.

With an almost overwhelming landscape of programs and products, you may be asking, what programs are effective? While there are no simple solutions, there are support mechanisms that can improve individual academic success and reduce the overall dropout rates.


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Calling Card for Success©

Students are always our top priority. We ensure participants an opportunity to maximize their educational potentials and always place students in situations where they can prosper. Through our signature program entitled Calling Card for Success, we:

  • Implement a Variety of Online Research-Based Tools
  • Assist Students to Achieve High-School Diplomas
  • Teach Students to Master Core-Academic Subjects
  • Prepare Students to Attend Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Provide Students Skillsets for Readiness in Today's Workforce

"At no time is a true champ in trouble
- Michael A. Pearson, Sr., President/CEO


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